Appreciation of cats is an indication of fine character

My name is Lynn and I’m a cataholic.Hi, Lynn!”

I have been fortunate enough to live with cats since I was born—perhaps even before that.  Currently, our family of cats (the 12-cat program)  is a study in extremes... rescued strays, velvety Sphynxes, an exquisite Siberian, a sassy Wirecoat Bramble, and a woods-born colony of free-wheeling ferals.


"A mystical divinity of unashamed felinity"


Spottery cats are depicted in clay in a variety of ways...full-body shrines, feline stripes and spots on buttons, bowls, and bottles, big and small cat Rattleshakes...the Spottery Cattery is ever-expanding, as I will always find new ways to express my adoration of cats of all types and sizes.  

Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby.





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